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Most Effective Marketing Moves for your EdTech Startup

Apr 10, 2020 12:43:16 PM / by HT Education Team

EdTech Marketing


For a company focusing on education technology, you realize there are no stages of education under which a teacher has no program. There's no difference in marketing.

There are countless marketing strategies in the world today that will not work for your company, particularly in education technology. Regardless of what sort of product you have, you do need a plan. What do you think would happen if you had to go to war without a strategy?


Marketing professionals need to consider their audience before marketing activities are conducted so that they can accomplish their goals in achieving quality guidelines. You would like to be able to establish a plan that targets your customers and solves one or more of their problems.


What should be done?


Inbound Marketing:

Gone are the days of Outbound marketing. This marketing style, which involves expensive trade fairs, cold calls and physical meetings, is now considered to be invasive and interruptive. As technology formed education, the way marketers reach their customers also shaped it. It’s time to step away from the age-old strategies and switch to ‘Inbound Marketing’.

Inbound marketing is a pull strategy. Create awareness and educate your prospects about your product/service with the help of different mediums – print, digital, radio, television, etc. and let the prospects then themselves inquire about your offerings. This will generate the best results for companies that want to expand their business and revolutionize learning as the technology market grows.


Developing terrific content

Although it may take time, content development has consistently shown that it is one of the most successful ways to transport the EdTech website. Data from the Content Marketing Institute reveals that 80% of consumers prefer scholarly knowledge instead of publications. It is easier for business and schools to discover you if your site is regularly updated and new material is introduced to your online exhibition. This method will consistently increase the chances of new prospects. Any type of content can be produced, including video clips, blog posts, reports, infographics, and case studies.


Solid social media presence:

If your target market is companies and educational institutes, social media is a strong outlet for your prospects and website traffic. According to Spark, the option of health, educational or technical centre affects 41 per cent of B2C people in the education technology (EdTech) side. 80 per cent of B2B decision-makers, along with an advertisement, prefer the B2B hand to receive information from a series of messages, and social media is an excellent platform for sharing their original content with them.


Build a company account on all growing networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Take the time to talk to them often and in the right direction. You can motivate your audience to visit your website by sharing a link to relevant photos, videos and articles. Stay personal and open to comments, retweets and preferences of fans. Write individual blog posts and tweets and seek to do the most effective possible analysis and procurement.



Face it. If you really dig into and get your hands dirty, marketing can be hard. Keep a track of who your potential customers are and what are their needs, and how you can address them proactively through content. Understand where all your target audiences consumes information from – Is it just Digital? Are they more likely to read newspapers? Think through these questions and market your education technology service through all possible channels.

The market is very specialized in education technology, so your content must also be. Content of quality is the king, and that's what the ideal customers want.

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HT Education Team

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